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Hapé - 7 Herbs


A medicine that helps in improving the immune system, works as a brain tonic, helps to sharpen memory, fights anxiety, depression and diabetes, stimulates blood circulation, helps in the fight against the development of cancer and tumors, rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory problems, clarity in thoughts, great energy cleaner, helps with concentration, meditation, and especially in the lucidity of dreams and aid in astral travel.



What is Hapé?


Hapé is a shamanic snuff made from different blends of plant ash which are known for their healing properties.

Hapé is usually made with a base of Mapacho (Organic Jungle Tobacco) and so contains nicotine.

There are some Hapé blends available without Mapacho which we currently do not provide but are happy to direct you towards.



Hapé - 7 Herbs

1 Gram
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