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Hapé - Murici


Murici is the snuff of joy! Very effective in treating depression and anxiety. Brings joy and awakens from sleep and laziness. Clears dense energies and brings renewal.


Murici snuff removes dense energies and awakens from sleep and laziness. It is a snuff from the upper plexus, from the solar plexus upwards, and it is one of the most popular snuffs because it is very appreciable and has a light force, therefore, it is a very sociable snuff and it has a soft force, still bringing these fantastic results.


Contains: Indigenous Murici Ash and Indigenous Organic Tobacco Mói.


The Murici tree varies between 2 and 6 meters in height, has a beautiful rounded and ornamental crown. In the Tupi Guarani language, Murici means small tree.


What is Hapé?


Hapé is a shamanic snuff made from different blends of plant ash which are known for their healing properties. Hapé is usually made with a base of Mapacho (Organic Jungle Tobacco) and so contains nicotine. There are some Hapé blends available without Mapacho which we currently do not provide but are happy to direct you towards.





Hapé - Murici

1 Gram
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