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Hapé -  Tsunu


Tsunu Hapé is one of the most tradional, coming from the Yawanawá people. Its a snuff that clears dense energies and increases spiritual immunity, our auric armour.

Unloading, cleaning, physical, mental and spiritual balance.


What is in this blend of Hapé?


Pau Pereira (tsunu in the Yawanawá language) is a very sacred tree for indigenous peoples, having many uses besides snuff. It is a large tree of great majesty. Their shells are special even for science. Contains the famous pereirine alkaloid.



What is Hapé?


Hapé is a shamanic snuff made from different blends of plant ash which are known for their healing properties. Hapé is usually made with a base of Mapacho (Organic Jungle Tobacco) and so contains nicotine. There are some Hapé blends available without Mapacho which we currently do not provide but are happy to direct you towards.



Hapé -Tsunu

1 Gram
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