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5 Kg of Cacao Sita's Peruvian Criolla Ceremonial Cacao ( 5 x 1 Kg packets) cultivated by small farmer co-operatives and shipped to us.


Peruvian Cacao is know to be the 'Teacher'. She is sweet, heart centred and can help you access the teaching/s you are looking for.


The ‘Criolla’ variety is one of the 4 main strains of Cacao (although there are many others too) Criolla is considered to be the ‘King of Cacao’ as it is more delicate and of a higher quality.


It is not a highbred strain and so holds the vibration and lineage of older trees.

Minimum possible processing is used with this Cacao, applying low fermentation and low temperature without roasting so that the Cacao retains its high nutrient density and bioactive qualities to bring you a pure heart medicine.


5 Kg of Cacao Sita Ceremonial Cacao

1 Kilogram
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