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Our Mission Statement

"To bring the Healing Medicine of Cacao out of the jungle and into the Hearts of People the World over"

- Dom Hatcher, founder of Cacao Sita


About Cacao Sita

The story of how Cacao Sita came to be...


I’m Dom, the founder of Cacao Sita. 

Cacao Sita came in being after travelling to Peru and Guatemala to experience the profound healing effects of Plant Medicine. 

My journey with Cacao had started some years before, back in the UK, sourcing Cacao from a local Cacao Shaman, going to ceremonies in London and holding my own ceremonies at home. In this way I got to know and experience Cacao in my own time and slowly developed my relationship with her. 

Our journey together continued to grow and as my Yoga teaching started to expand into Europe I soon became initiated into holding Cacao Ceremonies.

Our first ceremony was a Cacao and Kirtan fundraiser to help with the environmental disaster that was unfolding in the Amazon in the summer of 2019. As always with these potent plant medicines, the unfolding and synchronistic meetings that occurred from this ceremony opened my path to the powerful grandmother medicine of Ayahuasca, who then, in tern led me to Peru to sit with my teacher and explore this sacred path further. What happened in the Peruvian Amazon will stay with me for a life time and the unfolding from this journey is still very much in process. 

Part of this unfolding is the manifestation of Cacao Sita to bring you some of the worlds purest Heart Medicine. Cacao and Ayahuasca work beautifully together and it is in my journey north to Guatemala that I began to sit with Cacao on a daily basis.

Living in the tiny town of San Marcos La Laguna placed me in the Mayan Heart Land and ancestral home of Cacao. It was here that I was drinking Cacao from the local women’s collective of Ruk’u’x’Ulew and sitting in ceremony with Keith the Cacao Shaman.

Whilst integrating from the ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon Cacao was a perfect medicine to help me work with and process all that was arising for me. It was here, living in a tiny tin shed, with a bucket bathroom that the seeds of Cacao Sita were born!

Once finally back in the UK, I managed to fund my first shipment of Cacao from Peru and started sharing it with my local community. The ripples of this sharing have been far beyond what I could have ever imagined. Seeing my friends and community transform in days and weeks, moving through blockages that have been with them for years was all the encouragement I needed to bring Cacao Sita into fruition.

Since that first shipment I now source Criollo Cacao from Peru which is the staple Cacao that I am working with and serving.

My hope for the future is to be able to stock many varieties of Cacao from my friends and communities around the world, to share with you this incredible gift of nature and true Heart & Soul Medicine.

“When the hearts of men are closed, Cacao will come out of the jungle once again to restore balance to the world” - Ancient Mayan Prophecy

Cacao goes by many names and she is a much needed gift for the times that we are living through. She is often called the Medicine of the Shift, Mama Cacao, Spirit Medicine, Rainbow Medicine, Liquid Love and many more. Whatever you choose to call her, I welcome you into your own relationship with her, to open to your unique healing journey and let her medicine spread through the hearts of people once again.

In so much Love,

Dom & Cacao Sita x

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