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Ceremonies & Offerings

What people say about Dom's Ceremonies


“Dom has a loving way with holding space for those who want to experience the magic of a cacao ceremony.

His soft voice and egoless guidance really helped me to journey deep into my meditation, showing me a place I’d love to visit once we’re allowed to travel again.

I so want others to enjoy this experience, and hope my recommendation will find those who need this right now, to enjoy Dom’s calming and inspirational meditative ceremonies, alongside fun and uplifting movement, drinking the purest and most comforting Cacao I’ve ever tasted.

My art has certainly benefitted from this and can’t thank him enough for holding the space, even over the internet, it still had the same loving power.” 

- Lizzie Owen - Artist @lizzieowenartist

"I have been teaching Reiki courses for over 10 years now and it has been rare to find a natural healer like Dom. His sessions are extremely powerful, highly intuitive and beautifully offered. I highly recommend. I also highly recommend the cacao, thank you Dom for offering us this." - Vayia Nafees, Master Reiki Healer & Transformational Meditation Teacher Trainer

"This was amazing, next level, intergalactic new moon darkness magic. Dom is amazing and fearless! You walked us into the dark and straight into a portal of infinite possibility! THANK YOU, you are the ceremonial bomb." 

- Siri Arti - Healer, Mentor, Medicine Woman and founder of Star Child Yoga

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