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If you are interested in buying Cacao Sita Ceremonial Cacao Paste or Cacao Powder on a wholesale basis for your Shop, Cafe, Yoga Studio or your own Cacao/Ceremonial Business please email with the subject line of "Wholesale Enquiry".

With Love,

🌿 Cacao Sita 🌿

How to make your  🌿 Ceremonial Cacao 🌿

Cacao Recipes


A Hug In A Mug

Cacao ...  28 ~ 42 grams x person 

Pinch of vanilla 

Coconut oil 1 or 2 table spoons 

Pinch of cinnamon  

Pinch of  cayenne pepper 

1 table spoon of maca powder 

Pinch of nut meg 

Pinch of guayusa 

Unrefined natural sweetener as to obtain a balance in between sweet n bitter 

High mg water 

Oat or coconut milk 



Recipe by Angelo Oh! 🙏🏽

The Heart Opener

Cacao 28 ~ 42 grams per person

Rose Water ~ Steep a Rose Head in Warm water for 10-20 minute or longer

A dash of your favourite Plant Mylk

A table spoon of Coconut Oil

A flat teaspoon of Cinnamon

A pinch of Cardamom

A pinch of Nutmeg

A pinch of Turmeric

A pinch of Cayenne Pepper

A small amount of Vanilla paste, pods or essence

High Mg/Filtered Water


❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Recipe by Dom

The Mayan

Cacao 28 ~ 42 grams per person

A pinch of cayenne Pepper

High Mg/Filtered Water

Your Love and Intentions 


✨ 🌿 ✨

The Love Bomb

Steep Tea for 10 - 15 minutes using:

Filtered Water

1 x Rose Head

A pinch of Safron

A pinch of Camomile

~ Sieve Tea ~

Add 28-42 grams of Cacao

A pinch of Cayenne Pepper

A pinch of Cinnamon

A table spoon of Coconut oil

A splash of plant milk


Stir or whisk until silky smooth whilst singing your intentions and prayers to her.


✨ Create a comfy space and enjoy ✨

"The cacao is exquisite! It is miles apart from other criollo organic vaiieties I have bought.

The taste is delicate and it has a smooth non grainy texture. It has a perfect balance of richness, cacaoness with mild fruity and earthy notes. It is much less bitter or salty tasting than some.

This is the best I've ever used.

Thank you!"

~ Sarah, Birmingham, UK

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