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Ceremonial Grade Cacao

"From the Heart of the Jungle to the Hearts of the People"

~ Dom Hatcher, Founder of Cacao Sita


Our Cacao

Where does it come from?

We are currently sourcing Peruvian Criollo or 'native' Cacao from sustainable & biodiverse farms mixed with wild grown Cacao from the Amazon Rainforest in the Madre De Dios Basin of South Eastern Peru.

Some of the farms we work with are indigenous owned and others are local owned as we have found that working with farms that use sustainable agriculture instead of monoculture ensures protection of the jungle, regeneration of the soil, sustained natural biodiversity of the area as well as providing the best quality and most potent Cacao that we can offer.

We currently offer Cacao that is a mix of 50% wild cacao and is sourced from trees naturally growing within the amazon basin and 50% native trees that are sustainably farmed using regenerative agriculture and grown with other trees such as papaya and banana. 

This ensures that there is a mix of fruity and earthy flavours in our cacao as well as a high fat content. (The fat is where most of the bio active ingredients are stored)

Using this blend of Cacao also ensures that our supply is sustainable by harvesting in the most natural way and supporting indigenous and local sustainable farms within the Madre de Dios basin.

We will soon receive our first order of 100% ‘Chuncho’ or wild Cacao that is hand picked from trees naturally growing in the Amazon Rainforest. 

This will be offered as a special product as there is so little of this Cacao available on the market. We believe that the potency and taste of this Cacao is worth supplying in small batches to bring the energy and medicine of 100% wild amazonian Cacao to our community here in the UK.